CFS Drivers Photo Gallery

Photos of and from Cranleigh Freight drivers past and present.

Last additions - Oop's.
Noel729 viewsNoel paying to get unclamped after parking over night at Manston airportJan 27, 2010
Blue Elephant791 viewsThe result of a foggy night on the A20 on the way in to Dover.Jan 27, 2010
Night trunk935 viewsUK double deck trailer on return to yard after a night trunk.Jan 27, 2010
Spain956 viewsOne of the past drivers here who used to do Gibraltar before he came on here week ended on a dirt track until somebody comes Monday to recover the truck. What was he doing on this dirt track he says he followed signs for a services but I think it's more like he was looking for a Club down there.
Jan 27, 2010
Smart Clog582 viewsJan 27, 2010
Big Dave834 viewsJan 27, 2010
Big Dave696 viewsJan 27, 2010
PMC589 viewsSchiphol built pallet. Note it all balanced on a two rolls of carpetJan 27, 2010
Schiphol620 viewsNot a CFS truck but it happened right in front of where we park at Schiphol.Jan 27, 2010
PMC582 viewsNote it all balanced on a two rolls of carpet I wonder why it fell over.Jan 27, 2010
Smart Clog670 viewsSmart Clog in Dover need I say more.Jan 27, 2010
Norfolkline861 viewsPhoto taken with a mobile phone from the next boat waiting to dock in Dunkerque.1 commentsJan 27, 2010
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